Welcome to Queen's Greens!

We specialize in growing salad greens, spinach and other leafy greens in the winter season (November through April). We grow greens in the natural soil in low tech, off grid high tunnels without the use of artificial heat or light - just the sunshine! This technique produces greens bursting with flavor and uses very little energy. 

***We are closed for the season. We will be back harvesting greens in November and we look forward to working with you then! 

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A note on product availability: We work very hard to keep the ordering page as accurate as possible. The amount of product listed as available on the ordering page is Danya's best guess of what we will be able to harvest for that day. This is a messy science at best! 

We try to list on the conservative side so that we can fill all your orders. If something appears "sold out" on the order page please email with what you hope to add to your order, or you can write this request in the "order notes" as we can often fill these requests. 

Similarly, if you missed the order period cut off, you can email late orders to and we will fill your order if we can.